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we are a culturally
connected creative
company based in
milan and los angeles

We use the power of creativity to help brands play a significant role in people’s culture. To do works that matter, we believe in the need to explore deeper different behaviors, values and relationship with brands. We create Culturally Connected Brands.

Our goal is to create meaningful projects that culturally match your audience and your purpose.

We make your story
never to be forgotten

We are specialized in 360° creative marketing solutions to create digital advertising that is worth people’s time and attention.

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We believe that every human being is unique and different from others. It may seem like a trivial statement, but today it is more valid than ever. Today people shape their own cultures through social networks as an open door to the world. This is why we coined Social Subcultures, to define digital communities of people with their own aesthetics, beliefs and attitudes. We connect to the digital territories they live in, study their behaviors and intercept the resulting trends in the bud, in order to help brands make a distinctive contribution to their lives.


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